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The marketing guru Seth Godin writes “New marketing treats every interaction, product, service and side effect as a form of media.” Clear and concise messaging across all your marketing channels is good for your practice and good for business.

Your listing profile and website are the first places where prospective clients can learn about your practice. It’s important that your first impression is as compelling as possible.

Detailed Review

Our team has studied and developed numerous websites and we can help you simple tweaks that will make your messages shine. We will help you do the following:

  • Make sure your contact information is easily located on every page, not just the contact page
  • Assess the overall look-and-feel of your site, including readability, navigability, and usability.
  • Review your content for clarity, authority and SEO (search engine optimization)

If your site needs a fresh overhaul, we can offer guidance and connect you with quality, affordable solutions, ranging from do-it-yourself template builders to professional designers.

We’ve seen far too many clients contemplate therapy (and other psych healing modalities) for years before taking the plunge. There’s fear, stigma, concerns about finances or lack of time. For many, only challenges of a “clinical” nature are worthy of seeking help and healing. We believe that crafting honest, compelling messaging for prospective clients is one key to overcoming these all-too-common hurdles. We can help you develop a profile and website that highlight the strengths of your practice and you as an individual in a practical, yet warm fashion.

Our Advanced Listing Plan is $150.00 per year and includes the review of your listing profile and practice website, along with a yearlong subscription to our comprehensive professional directory.

Interested in learning more? Give us a ring.

EMAIL: or PHONE: (415) 364-8692

7 Profile Tips

  • 1. Warm welcome: your “Welcome” section is where the connection really begins. We have found that steering clear of clinical jargon and instead providing a personal, clear and inviting welcome is a more effective way to stand out. The ideal length of the welcome section is about 100 words.
  • 2. Less is more: we have designed your listing profiles to be comprehensive, but you don’t want to overwhelm your reader with too much information. That’s why we recommend a maximum number of variables for fields like “Specialties” and “Goals.” Rather than trying to appeal to every possible client, highlight your strengths.
  • 3. Pictures are worth a thousand words: it’s important to use pictures that highlight your professionalism and approachability. Best not to use selfies :) and consider hiring a photographer (or friend with good picture taking skills) to capture images for your profile headshot and office if you choose to include those.
  • 4. Trial and error: if you’re listed in other online directories (which we think can be quite helpful, as this will expand your reach), experiment with slightly different messages on each. You can still be authentic while highlighting different aspects of your work.
  • 5. Updates: try to check your listing profile once every 6 months to see if anything has changed. Maybe you started a new therapy group, just finished a specialized training, or joined a new insurance panel - add that info (you should also be doing this with your website). It does take time to manage your digital brand, especially if you’re in multiple places online. Develop a plan for maintaining your online presence that doesn’t overwhelm you. For example, set aside 1-2 hours per 6 months to make your updates. Put this in your calendar as a reminder.
  • 6. Show yourself: don’t be afraid to share your personality. You can still maintain professional boundaries while letting others know you’re a real human being. For example, a big part of my history involved being a competitive athlete. I choose to share this on my practice website, to help give folks more info about my background beyond my clinical training. Several of my clients have connected with this, some even saying it was one of the reasons they wanted to work with me (and they weren’t coming in for sports psych). This can help take some of the mystery (and fear) out of the psychotherapy process, which unfortunately, can pose quite a barrier to treatment.
  • 7. Find your own style: similar to the aforementioned, just like you develop your own style from a solid clinical foundation, you need to do the same when thinking about marketing. Some practitioners connect with the digital strategies; others prefer in-person opportunities like public speaking and networking events. Some like a combination of both. Don’t fall for the “this is THE way to do it” gimmicks. It is important to get results, but also both learn from and enjoy the process.

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