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October 30, 2019 at 10:38 pm

I’ve been suffering from a serious sleep disorder for close to 10 years now. It is a complicated illness as it has various strange but dreadful symptoms, some painful while others are torturous.

One of them is sleep apnea-liked symptoms. It attacked me AGAIN last night. I was woken up to a series of rude and horrible suffocation. My jaw was opened, my throat was shut and dry and I couldn’t breathe. There was a swelling in my throat that lasted for quite some time. It felt like something got stuck in the throat which I couldn’t get out. It was really terrible.

What is your experience like with sleep apnea disorder before? Did you experience the same thing as I did? How similar or different was it? Please share. I’d like to know exactly what I was experiencing and how it happened.