--> 10 resume tricks that will make you a dream for any employer
10 resume tricks that will make you a dream for any employer

These secrets will add to how to fix a resume the desired views and invitations from employers! Now you won't have any questions: how to make your resume more attractive and "selling", how to make employers like you!
Now you know everything! Go for it! Go for it! Now! Let's go....

Continuing to reveal the secrets. Today we're going to talk about the resume.


It is advisable to take a professional photo in business style especially for your resume. There should be no other people, beach, animals, home furniture and other "repulsive backgrounds" in the background. Selfies are also not a good idea for a resume photo. Again, a profile photo won't give the recruiter any information about you. Let everything be laconic: beautiful hair and moderate makeup (for women), businesslike clothes and environment. If there is no possibility to turn to a professional, then let the photo show you at your workplace, enthusiastic about your duties.

Do not be lazy, because your future depends on it)

Cover letter

Do not neglect this important part of the resume, because it can reveal you, your features professionalism. More about the CV in my previous posts.

Income level in the resume

Indicate in your resume the real desired level of income (do not overstate, otherwise you will be simply ignored, and do not understate, otherwise it will be immediately clear that your "value" in the labor market is low).

Dedicated email for business correspondence

Get an email for business correspondence (ideally: it's your first name-surname @ mail/ gmail/, no NICs or work emails).

Avoid clichés and templates

Avoid cliché phrases and clerical phrases (stress-resistant, easy-to-learn, confident PC user), better write: able to multitask and limited time, confident in 1C:8, E-staff, Photoshop...).

Show accomplishments

Show your results and achievements (increased company's turnover, held more than 80 presentations, took an honorable place in the... etc.).


Include your location (not just the city, but the nearest metro station).

Company names

Don't be lazy to include the full names of the companies in which you worked and the duties performed (not just one or two, but a full list, and without the phrase "according to the job description").


Indicate your hobbies and interests (not just "travel," "movies," but for example: "I love to travel, for the last 2 years I managed to visit 12 interesting cities of the country", or "I like to watch documentary #films, such as....")


Add a portfolio of completed works and projects.

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