--> GB Whatsapp And Whatsapp - Features Of GB Whatsapp
GB Whatsapp And Whatsapp - Features Of GB Whatsapp

Is there a difference between the two popular apps GB Whatsapp as in general terms known as and Whatsapp app for the Android mobile phone? Read the article below to learn more.


All two apps Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp are free instant messengers for the Android phones running on the Google Android platform. They are similar in many ways but different in some aspects as well. Both are free and can be used for messaging, though the paid ones have better features and add-on tools, which are available on the free versions. 

The main differences between GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp are as follows: Whatsapp allows you to share pictures, text, and videos with your friends; they also offer advanced chatting facilities like sending and receiving video and audio. On the other hand, GB Whatsapp can also be used for showing online messages and can not be used for sending mass emails to people.

The Features Of GB Whatsapp

Like Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp has several privacy options that allow the user to customize settings for showing or hiding particular types of content, like photos and videos. It offers animated backgrounds for showing images and can be customized according to color, size, etc. It can be used as a simple instant messaging app, or as a fast, quick personalization and sharing of content through different channels on the Internet.

The main feature of both apps is to allow you to post messages and show pictures and videos that you want others to see in order to contact you. However, these features have some limitations, as neither can be used for sending mass emails to anyone you don't already know or to send any confidential or sensitive documents or files to anyone you don't know either. 

This is where the social networking capabilities of the two apps come into play. Users of both the Facebook and the native Google contacts can use the social networking interface to share their information with others, which can include their photos and latest status updates.

Sending Files On GB Whatsapp 

When it comes to media files, Google and FB offer a lot of choices. They can be used to share pictures and videos, as well as documents. The apps are able to save files in either JPEG or H. gif formats, and they can even be shared between the two platforms in one message. Users can also access the camera function on both Google and FB, but since the feature has been integrated into the two social networking services, only Google can export videos into these formats. 

The Google app has additional features that allow users to manage multiple profiles. They can create groups, which group everyone together under the same name, as well as control the visibility of each individual profile. They can also manage groups across devices, and they can change the appearance and the privacy settings for every group. 

This feature is especially useful for business organizations and employers who want to control access to their employees' social media accounts. Since the Facebook login and the Google profile have their own privacy settings, the feature of the app allows them to manage their privacy accordingly.


The way these two apps Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp behave toward each other is not specific to just one brand. Both have their own unique ways of managing and using the various functions that go along with messaging apps. The apps do, however, highlight significant differences between the two, and it is likely that the use of the apps will become more standardized among all messaging app stores.

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