Psychotherapy and Behavioral Healthcare in Washington, DC

The capital of the United States and an exclusive municipal district separate from any state jurisdiction, Washington, DC is home to all three branches of the federal government as well as 176 foreign embassies and the headquarters of countless international organizations, non-profits, trade unions, and lobbying groups. With an estimated population of 681,170, Washington, D.C. has a substantial commuter base that raises city numbers to more than one million people during the workweek and an extensive metropolitan area of over 6 million residents.

Located along the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia, Washington, D.C. is home to many national monuments and museums making tourism its second largest industry with approximately 18.9 million visitors a year. As the nation’s capital, it’s no surprise that Washington has extensive mental health resources allowing individuals to find the specific help they need.

With over 670 psychiatrists working in the city, those looking for a combination of therapy and medication support will have plenty to choose from. Mental health counselors and psychotherapists number over 4,800 with some 630 additional therapists specializing in marriage and family counseling. Behavioral health and substance abuse counselors and social workers number over 3,600 in facilities throughout the metropolitan area. Individuals seeking alternative mind-body practitioners or mental health treatment opportunities, will find an array of options available within metropolitan limits of Washington, DC.