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Seeking a way to further engage your current and prospective clients while promoting your area of expertise to the wider psych community?

With our +Publishing plan, we can help. Our publishing consultants can partner with you to develop and edit original articles that will be compelling, SEO-friendly, and drive interest in your practice. Your ready-made blog posts get published on your HealthyPsych listing and you can also share this content directly on your practice website.

Your high-quality articles get featured on your listing profile where prospective clients can learn more about your practice through your writing. Compelling blog posts also offer value to existing clients.

why blog?

Reach our 20,000+ monthly visitors

Worried about starting a blog that no one will read? Your articles will be read by the 20,000+ monthly visitors on the HealthyPsych Blog. Adding content to our already active community will help expand your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Promote your area of expertise to prospective clients

Your articles can establish your authority in the area of expertise of your practice. For instance, if you’re an expert in treatment for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), your writing on the topic can start a conversation with those seeking help, increasing the chances of prospective clients discovering your practice.

Engage current clients

Compelling blog posts can be a way to engage your clients outside of the consulting room. By posting on topics you’re passionate about, the people you’re already helping can stay connected with you through your content.

Deepen your practice

Writing about aspects of your practice can clarify your thinking and deepen your understanding of your work, whether it’s about summarizing the latest research or sharing findings from your sessions. Good blogs can also help strengthen connections not only with your clients and prospects, but also with other practitioners.

Posts get found online and shared with our 20,000+ monthly readers of the HealthyPsych blog.

how to get started

Starting a blog can feel like a major time commitment. And many practitioners don’t want to write content after seeing a full load of patients. Some don’t see themselves as expert writers or bloggers, and find the prospect of writing blog posts intimidating or overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. Our publishing consultants have extensive clinical backgrounds and experience writing for the web. When we partner with practitioners on their blogs, we provide support and inspiration they need to plan and develop compelling and topical posts in addition to the editorial services that will minimize the time spent away from their practice.

Our +Publishing Plan offers:

  • Planning and development for two high-quality posts per year
  • Editorial services for two drafts per post
  • Content edited for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Follow-up to ensure you’re satisfied that the content on the blog is driving increased engagement in your practice

+Publishing Plan is $200.00 per year and includes a profile listing in our
online directory of psych professionals.

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