Learning Center – Interviews with Mental Health Professionals

Learn more about the healing process by reading detailed interviews of professionals practicing in the field today.  Includes interviews of mental health professionals, psychotherapists, psychologists, clinical social workers and practitioners of mind-body medicine.

1.) Janice Geller – MA, LPC, LMBT – Therapist and Bodyworker in Durham, NC
2.) Diane Cote, LCSW – Specialist in Fertility Counseling in San Francisco and San Mateo, CA
3.) Sinead McLaughlin, LICSW – Bilingual (Spanish-English) Therapist / Social Worker in Boston, MA
4.) Natasha Collins, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA
5.) Beth Baron, Massage Therapist in Berkeley, CA ( (discusses mind-body connection)
6.) John Fox, Certified Poetry Therapist/CPT and Founder of the Institute for Poetic Medicine
7.) Dr. Lisa Herman, MFT, Ph.D. – Expressive Arts Therapist
8.) Judith Belmont, MS, LPC – Emotional Wellness Therapist, Speaker and Author

More coming soon!

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