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  • Mental stress may cause reduced blood flow in hearts of young women with heart disease August 24, 2016
    Mental stress may cause reduced blood flow in the heart muscle of younger women with heart disease. Younger women with heart disease are more susceptible to reduced blood flow from mental stress compared to men and older patients, new research has found.
  • Smart helmet for football players may help detect concussions August 24, 2016
    A smart helmet that can help diagnose concussions in football players is being developed by medical students. Using the smart helmet, the team hopes players of all ages will be taken off the field immediately after a hit, instead of continuing to participate while injured.
  • Concussions and brain injury: Can omega-3 intake aid in brain health recovery? August 24, 2016
    The treatment of concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a clinical challenge. Clinical studies thus far have failed to identify an effective treatment strategy when a combination of targets controlling aspects of neuroprotection, neuroinflammation, and neuroregeneration is needed. According to emerging science and clinical experience, aggressive intake of omega-3 fatty acids (n-3FA) seems to […]
  • Scientists use ultrasound to jump-start a man's brain after coma August 24, 2016
    A 25-year-old man recovering from a coma has made remarkable progress following a treatment to jump-start his brain using ultrasounds, scientists report. This is the first time such an approach to severe brain injury has been tried.
  • How do antidepressants trigger fear and anxiety? August 24, 2016
    Scientists have mapped out a serotonin-driven anxiety circuit that may explain 'anxiety' side effect of antidepressants. More than 100 million people worldwide take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Prozac and Zoloft, to treat depression, anxiety and related conditions.