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December 24, 2018 at 10:14 pm

White noise is a term that signifies a mixture of sounds of a certain frequency and repetition, on a range of frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hertz. Simply explained, the white noise is produced through a combination of multiple noises but all with different frequencies. If you collect all the sounds that a person can hear all at once you will get the white noise.

The original white noise can only be generated through electronics and sounds similar to TV or radio statics.

But the concept of white noise began to be used as a term for every kind of sound that is constant and mesmerizing, including the sounds of nature like sea waves or even machines noises. In fact, many people find the noise that our hairdryers produce to be quite satisfying and pleasant. In other words, white noise is a gentle and calming sound that causes a relaxing sensation.

The white noise got its name after the white daylight which contains a whole range of different colors just as white noise contains a whole range of different sounds. White noise has a lot of health benefits, including mind relaxation, and sharing your focus that can help you achieve a higher attention level.

The power lies in the capacity of the white noise to mix the unpleasant outside sounds and makes them less disturbing and distracting for your brain, keeping your inner peace balanced. Rest is essential for both feeling and acting normal, and white noise contains many benefits that can contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing.

1.    It helps you sleep better

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep. Looking for different ways to restore tight dreams, many have found their solution in the power of white noise as well as listening to music. Although music has been proven to be an effective method for improving sleep quality, it doesn’t contain the wide range of frequencies that the white noise does.

Studies have shown that ambient noises like a crackling campfire for example, that are also apart of the white noises efficiently contribute to the relaxation and sleeping. As mentioned before the white noise works by reducing the unwanted sounds that help the body and mind fell calm and loose.

2.    It’s good for attention and learning
Learning can be difficult and slow if something constantly takes away your attention. That is why many professors recommend learning in silence where the distraction is supposed to be lower. Yet, many students, find music and other sounds stimulating and helpful through learning.

If you live in a noisy surrounding, then you may be experiencing learning difficulties. It might be beneficial for you to try using the white noise that effectively contributes to lowering the background noises and help you focus. Based on numerous reports, white noise can help students or kids to block loud auditive interference and maintain concentrated and focused. Also, a study in 2016  indicated that white noise can improve the memory of children diagnosed with ADHD.

3.    It calms you down
Not all days are good, and a bad mood can sometimes torment you for a long time. By listening to 10-15 minutes of relaxing sounds you can feel happier and calmer. While many studies indicate that deep meditation can help us focus on the present and slow down our busy brain, exercises used for performing mediation can be difficult to master.

Luckily, an instant solution for this problem is the white noise. Even though we can hear it, white noise is hard to focus on, so it does not take our attention and can immediately calm you down.

4.    Develops mental clarity
Our brain is the most complex organ able to think, connect and combine abstract and logical ideas.  Certain parts of the brain control functions that keep us alive and control different systems. However, sometimes deep concentration can be tiring these parts that are already easy to distract.

Fortunately, our brains are so advanced that a constant and settling noise like the with noise is easy to recognize. That means that already familiar noise won’t be processed by our most powerful organ and the focus won’t be lost. This is similar to a washing machine that you’ve forgotten that is making noise until someone points that out.

5.    Increases productivity
Connected to all other benefits is the increased productivity that white noise can contribute to with its settling power. Namely, as everything before, for increased productivity, concentration and focus need to be on the highest level. White noise acts the same way as before. That is, by reducing the sounds that disturb our peace and attention.

If you are not in the position to listen to sea waves touching the shore, you can always turn to mobile apps like Noise Generator, Jinglow, or Coffitivity that will provide you with the needed sound of peace and enjoyment. A peaceful working environment contributes to increased productivity from which you will feel satisfied and without stress.

6.    It helps babies to have a strong and peaceful sleep.
Every parent at least once in his lifetime wished to have a magic wand that would help him soothe his baby. There is a great explanation for the powerful influence of white noise on the baby’s peaceful sleep. White noise sounds much like the sounds that babies hear while they are in the mother’s womb like blood circulation through blood vessels or sounds coming from the outside environment.

By masking outer sounds, white noise manages to reduce the stress in babies caused by tiredness, unknown people or a new environment. White noise helps babies fall asleep and to be peaceful and calm for a longer time. You can produce the white noise with your teeth as well. That way you will soothe your baby in quick and effective. The white noise should be loud enough for your baby to be able to hear it. If the baby sleeps, then the parents are rested and energized as well.

June 13, 2019 at 10:15 pm

White noise is such an interesting concept and thank you for sharing such an in depth reasons for listening to it. I especially find the connection between white noise and ASMR interesting. I have been watching and experiencing a lot of ASMR, especially audio bits. Thank you for this further addition on this. Do find more on ASMR here