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October 22, 2016 at 9:46 am

For some, stress levels seem to go up every 8 years around election time, and this year seem particularly divisive. We probably all have that person (or people) in our lives with whom we disagree politically. Some have learned to avoid talking politics with this person(s) altogether, while others say it’s counterproductive to our own values (and even the larger political system) to remain silent. At one point, years ago, I asked my grandfather to stop sending me political emails. In my experience, it helped our relationship more than it hurt. I found that I reacted to the emails – I “bit the hook”, as the Buddhists might say. If he was still alive today, (and myself being a bit wiser and more mature) I might have accepted the emails without reacting. What is your approach to navigating political disagreement?

Here’s an article that goes into it:

And, for all you science-lovers and research buffs who have wondered whether there is some fundamental thing that makes “liberals” different from “conservatives”, here is an interesting study that should shed some light on this. It turns out that liberals and conservatives use different parts of their brain around risky decision-making.
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