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April 25, 2016 at 2:29 am

Hey. I’m not sure whether it is the right place to talk about this. I am not satisfied with my previous nose job surgery. It was not up to my expectations and I believe that my previous surgeon did not give me what we spoke about. I am disturbed and couldn’t concentrate on anything. My sister also has faced a similar issue and has done a revision rhinoplasty procedure in Toronto  and her surgeon was Dr.Oakley Smith. She says now she is quite satisfied with the procedure. My nostrils are uneven because the left one still looks swollen and has no definition, where the right nostril turned out fine and fell into it proper position. So they are dis-proportioned. And it is hereditary, almost all my family members have this uneven nostril. What would be the success rate of this procedure? Is this something that the doctor should do because he messed up and there is noticeable scar tissue too. Also, I heard that it is more complicated than a normal nose job surgery. Anyone here has done it? Kindly share your experience.