Interview with Diane Cote, Fertility Counselor in San Mateo, CA

11.) KP: What is one of your greatest joys from your work?

Diane:  I love helping people, it’s in my DNA.  But, particularly in this field, with this kind of life altering experience, one of the greatest joys is helping my clients to reframe it, so that they can become more self aware and self-actualized as a person.  That’s one of the greatest joys – to help them let go in ways that they never thought that they were capable of.  And, also, of course, when a baby comes along, however, they come into the world.

It’s funny, some people will complete a course of counseling with me and then down the road I’ll get a call and they’ll say, “I just happen to be in the neighborhood” and they’ll want to show me their baby.  It’s a really beautiful experience and I just feel so blessed and grateful that I’m able to help them achieve that dream.

KP:  Absolutely!  That must be an incredible feeling to be part of a process that is contributing to life.  And, the other piece you mentioned really resonated with me — that life struggles present an opportunity not only just to get from point A to point B of becoming a parent, but looking at it as an opportunity to become more self aware, to grow.  Essentially, that anything difficult and painful also presents a real opportunity, too.

KP: Anything else you want to add that we haven’t discussed today?

Diane: I would just really encourage other therapists and of course people in the wider community to seek out resources related to infertility.  There are people who specialize in fertility counseling and sometimes other therapists aren’t even aware that this exists, so just to spread the word within the therapeutic community that there are resources out there and to refer. Even just for general, public, social discussion; somebody always has a story about trying to get pregnant or trying to adopt, so just being an advocate or voice for getting the word out there that there is help and there is support and people don’t have to suffer with this in isolation.

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