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    With an emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches and education, HealthyPsych helps healing professionals connect with a more diverse set of patients and clients.
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    Hands-on support, like coaching sessions, marketing strategies and publishing opportunities, from experienced practitioners who've been there.
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    Human Connection. That is what makes HealthyPsych unique. Whether it is one-on-support or bringing personality to directory profiles, we believe in the power of relationships.
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  • Accurate Search Features Make it Easy to Get Found
    Search functionality that’s accurate! Whether users are searching by city, zip or visual map, HealthyPsych makes it easy for clients to discover you and your practice.
  • Multidisciplinary Directory means Broader Client Reach
    A multidisciplinary directory means it’s easier to reach a broader audience. And with features like scroll over descriptions, prospective patients are armed with a better understanding of what may work best for them.
  • Search Made Better
    Filters that provide answers. Search by issue, goals, cultural expertise, insurance, virtual office and more.
  • Flexible Multimedia: Easily Connect with Patients
    We make it easy to stand out and connect. Display your professional photo at the top of your profile. And quickly add other images of your office or a short, engaging video message.
  • Detailed & Flexible: Profiles Designed for You
    Highlight what makes you unique! HealthyPsych offers the flexibility to customize your profile so you can share the details you want to highlight.
  • Social Media: Make Your Voice Stand-Out
    Social media helps break down the wall between a static profile and you as a person and professional. We make it even easier by being able to embed your Facebook and Twitter feed onto your profile so clients can view your updates without having to leave the page.
  • Publishing: Give your Work a Wide Reach
    Writing and publishing pieces is a great way to connect with people beyond your profile. We make it even easier by linking your pieces to your profile.
More Comprehensive Profiles
  • Publishing Opportunities
    Share your expertise by using our editing services to hone your thinking and make your pieces web-ready. All of which can bring more traffic to your profile and personal website.
We want to be a source for the “30-80%” of people with mental health concerns that don’t seek treatment or don’t know where to begin (WHO, 2004).
What Makes HealthyPsych Unique?
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Multidisciplinary and Inclusive: Healing Beyond the Therapist’s Couch
We value both traditional and complementary approaches to healing and mental healthcare. We welcome all trained psych professionals; whether you’re a therapist, coach, psychiatrist, naturopath, spiritual teacher, case manager, mind-body specialist or other type of provider with psych expertise, we’d love to have you join the community.
And the HealthyPsych directory experience serves not only those who know what they need, but also patients who are curious about the myriad of ways they could improve their lives or the lives of those closest to them. We make it easy to find all of them in one place! Join us and share your unique perspective and approach to healing and personal growth.
Educational: Helping Patients Advocate for Themselves
At HealthyPsych, we believe in empowering patients to advocate for themselves. That’s why we’ve focused on educating prospective clients as they explore the broad number of ways they can find healing and support.
For example, a client may see the provider type of "Mind-Body Specialist" at the top of our search page and think "what does that mean?" and learn through the scroll-over text of key terms or high quality blog posts that a person with training in somatic healing modalities may be particularly suited to their needs as a trauma survivor.
Progressive Approach: Making Client/Professional “Chemistry” Easier to Find
As practitioners, we know first-hand what efficacy studies have routinely shown: that client/professional "chemistry" is one of the most important factors that impact outcomes. That’s why we have included fields like "cultural expertise" and "provider character strengths" to help improve the matching process.
Forward-thinking search filters like "goals" (in addition to standard ones like "issues/concerns") also support a strengths-based and positive psychology perspective. And we have included fundamental filters like insurance type, cost, language and whether services are offered on weekends or not, in-person or in a virtual office.
Hands-on Support: Offered by Real People
At HealthyPsych, we are all about the human connection. Even through our directory offerings -- you can give US (yes, real people) a call with any questions! We like to roll-up our sleeves and help all psych and mind-body professionals spread the word about how they can help. We do this with profile reviews, coaching sessions, and publishing services.
Publishing Opportunities: Share Your Knowledge + Experience
Writing and sharing your knowledge is one the best ways to help expand your practice. It is an effective way to share your thinking, approach, and experience with prospective clients. We have high-quality blog content and offer editing & coaching services for 2 articles per year with our +Publishing plan. You can also publish this high-quality material directly on your personal website.
Social Media: Building Connections Online
Professionals in our directory can display their Facebook and/or Twitter feeds on their profiles, so users don’t have to leave your page to see your latest updates. This way prospective patients get a better idea of your values, beliefs, and approach.
We also host our own social network that professionals can participate in. It shows that ‘we’re all in this together.’ That said, the network doesn’t take away from our belief in clear, professional boundaries. All users have complete control over how and with whom they engage with via our secure messaging system and privacy controls.
Have more questions?
If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: info@healthypsych.com or via phone: (415) 364-8692.
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  • Profile & Website Review
  • Practice Development Coaching Sessions (30 min x 3)
  • Publishing & Editing Services (2 posts/year)
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"Featured" listing status + detailed review of your profile and website, to give your content a tune-up.
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Interested in writing high-quality blog posts? Add our comprehensive editing & publishing services to your listing plan.
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  • Practice Development Coaching Sessions (30 min x 3)
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Latest Listings
Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Certified Coach (MCC)
Cannot determine address at this location.
undefined, undefined 92106
Specialties: Career Issues
Specialties: Career Issues
Specialties: Career Issues
Cannot determine address at this location.
undefined, undefined 92106
Welcome to my profile. My name is Mike Bundrant. I'm a licensed, retired mental health counselor (NM license #1402), master life coach, NLP trainer and co-founder of the iNLP Center. I ...
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
12301 Silvergate Way
Germantown, MD 20874
Specialties: Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Trauma & PTSD, Depression, Grief-Loss, LGBTQ Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Stress ...
Specialties: Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Trauma & PTSD, Depression, Grief-Loss, LGBTQ ...
Specialties: Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Trauma & PTSD, Depression, Grief-Loss, LGBTQ Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Stress Management
12301 Silvergate Way
Germantown, MD 20874
Hello and thank you for viewing my listing! I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland license# LC3320, Board-Approved Supervisor #45), practicing since 2007, offering ...
Clinical Psychologist/Ph.D
2127 Ashby Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
Specialties: Addiction-Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & PTSD, Stress Management
Specialties: Addiction-Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & PTSD, Stress ...
Specialties: Addiction-Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & PTSD, Stress Management
2127 Ashby Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
People may come to therapy feeling broken, useless, or worthless. My aim as a therapist is to help people increase resilience, and find joy, beauty, and value in their lives. Whether ...
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