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    Your customized profile, our SEO/marketing strategies and multidisciplinary features all combine to attract a diverse clientele.
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    Hands-on support, publishing opportunities, and social media features all work together to clarify your service offerings and share your work in a bigger way.
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    Reaching more people helps make our world more healthy and human. We also donate 10% of our annual proceeds to progressive mental health causes.
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    Prospective clients can locate you by city, zip or visual map view. Our digital marketing strategies bring them to the site.
  • Multidisciplinary
    Scroll over descriptions and filters of provider types help educate clients about different backgrounds and service offerings.
  • Customized Profiles
    Profile thumbnails appear in search results which link to detailed and customized profile pages.
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    Multiple, progressive filters for high-level matching of client to professional. Search by Issue, Goals, Cultural Expertise, Insurance, Virtual Office and more.
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    Display your professional photo at the top of your profile. You can add other images of your office or a short, compelling video message.
  • Detailed & Flexible
    Our platform offers the flexibility to customize your profiles, sharing the details you want to highlight.
  • Social Media Options
    You can embed your Facebook or Twitter feed so prospective clients can view your updates without having to leave the page.
  • Publishing Opportunities
    Share your expertise by using our editing services to hone your thinking and make your pieces web-ready. All of which can bring more traffic to your profile and personal website.
  • Publishing Opportunities
    Share your expertise by using our editing services to hone your thinking and make your pieces web-ready. All of which can bring more traffic to your profile and personal website.
We want to be a source for the “30-80%” of people with mental health concerns that don’t seek treatment or don’t know where to begin (WHO, 2004).
Why HealthyPsych?
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Most other directories feature one discipline only and adhere to a fairly traditional medical model. We aim to offer more - a directory experience that serves not only those who have a decent idea of what they need, but also those who are simply curious about the myriad ways they could improve their lives, or the lives of those closest to them.
Some clients will also be best served by engaging with more than one professional - like working with a therapist and psychiatrist (or naturopathic doctor) at the same time. We make it easy to find all of them in one place.
We welcome all trained psych professionals - whether you’re a therapist, coach, psychiatrist, naturopath, spiritual teacher, case manager, mind-body specialist or other type of provider with psych expertise. Come join us and share your unique perspective and approach to healing and personal growth.
Our directory aims to educate prospective clients as they explore the data fields listed on profiles and in the search process, with such features as scroll-over text of key terms, like provider type and theoretical orientation. For example, a client may see the provider type of "Mind-Body Specialist" at the top of our search page and think "what exactly does that mean?" and then proceed to learn that somebody with training in somatic healing modalities may be particularly suited to their needs as a trauma survivor.
Relevant and well-written blog posts are presented to prospective clients on profile pages, in addition to other informative and educational content throughout the site.
As we know, efficacy studies show that client/professional "chemistry" is one of the most important factors impacting outcomes, so we have included fields like "Cultural Expertise" and "Provider Character Strengths" to help with the matching process.
Forward-thinking search filters like "Goals" (in addition to standard ones like "Issues/Concerns") also support a strengths-based and positive psychology perspective. And, the ability to filter based on insurance type, cost, language and whether services are offered on weekends or not, in-person or in a virtual office, helps make our directory accessible to most all.
Hands-on Support & Publishing
We like to roll-up our sleeves and help all the psych professionals out there who are doing great work, spread the word about how they can help! We do this through our "45 Minute Review" (offered in all paid plans), coaching sessions (+Coaching Plan), and publishing services (+Publishing Plan). And also, via our digital marketing strategies and personalized customer support that comes with all directory listings. Yes, you can speak to us on the phone!
How writing helps you and others?
We want to be a partner and ally in expanding your practice & growth opportunities as a clinician. We believe that writing is one particularly valuable and fun way to do this. The process of writing about our work, whether in blog posts or more formal ways helps codify it in our minds. It’s a way to share more of your thinking with prospective (and existing) clients, which can foster more engagement. And, it’s an act of generosity when shared freely online for anybody to read and learn from.
When it comes to writing, we believe in quality over quantity, so we offer editing & coaching services for 2 articles per year with our +Publishing plan. Your posts get published to our general audience on and links to your pieces are presented on your profile page. You can also publish this high-quality material directly on your personal website, which is another means of generating client interest, as added content will increase your web traffic.
Social Media
While social media is no panacea for the meaningful closeness we all need from in-person contact, it can help facilitate more connection when used thoughtfully. Professionals in our directory can display their actual Facebook and/or Twitter feeds on their profiles, so users don’t have to leave your page to see your latest updates.
We also host our own local social network that professionals can participate in if they so choose; all of which conveys a powerful, healthy message of ‘we’re all in this together’. This doesn’t take away from our belief in clear, professional boundaries and all users have complete control over whom they engage with or not via our secure messaging system and privacy controls.
Have more questions?
If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: or via phone: (415) 364-8692.
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